Guide geotour reservation form

Please make reservations at least two weeks in advance. In the case of last minute application, we may not be able to find a geo-guide for a requested date and time.
Please read "CONSENT ITEMS" below before you make a reservation.


1. Personal information provided for a tour application will only be used to arrange a tour and for a record at the Aso Geoguide Association.

2. For accident insurance (included in tour fare) purpose, all participants will be asked to provide full name and gender.

3. Although an assigned geoguide(s) will be fully aware of safety, we can NOT bear responsibilities for sudden natural phenomena or injuries/accidents that occur due to your carelessness. Also, if the guide judges that the tour cannot conduct safely due to the weather or the situation at the site, the tour contents may be changed or canceled.

4. We do NOT provide transportation during the tour. You may need to drive your car or an rental car, or use public transportations to travel between the sites. We will have to ask you to cover the charge when the geoguide(s) need to take public transportations during the tour.

5. If you request to go to the Mt. Nakadake crater viewing, please make sure to understand these below.

・Mt. Nakadake is an active volcano which pours volcanic gas. We will need to change a plan when the entrance restriction is announced due to the weather, the concentration of the gas, the wind direction, and volcanic activities.

・Entry to the viewing area is restricted for persons with asthma, the disease in heart system, or repertory system. We do NOT conduct a tour if any of the participants has conditions above.

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