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33.Heitate Shrine Geosite

Heitate Shrine Geosite

Connect with the world of the gods

Heitate Shrine sits amidst rich natural surroundings in the center of Kyushu, and is said to be the mythical dwelling place of the Shinto gods, Takama-ga-hara. According to local legend the shrine was founded when a ceremonial staff was planted in the ground, giving the shrine its name: hei (staff) tate (to stand or plant). Huge old trees tower over the atmospheric grounds, which even today seem to be inhabited by the myths of olden days. The cool breezes and birdsong drifting through the shade will soothe even the weariest visitor's soul.

Heitate Shrine

The chief priest of Aso Omiya Shrine is said to have enshrined the Sun Goddess Amaterasu here during the Engi era (901-923). Hinokami, deity of fire and descendent of the first god of Shinto lore Amenominakanushi, is also worshipped at this shrine, which is said to have been the original location of Ise Jingu shrine, one of Japan's most important shrines, which is now located in Mie Prefecture.