Geosite introduction of Aso

22.Kusakabe Geosite

Kusakabe Geosite

Kudarimiya Shrine, dedicated to the God of Aso

Kusakabeyoshimi Shrine enshrines Hikoyainomikoto, eldest son of the mythical first emperor Jimmu. The shrine is laid out in the unusual "kudarimiya" style, in which the main shrine is located at a lower elevation than the torii gate. It is one of the three largest kudarimiya shrines in Japan, the other two being Uto-jingu in Miyazaki Prefecture and Nukisaki-jinja in Gunma.

Kusakabeyoshimi Shrine

This shrine is dedicated to the third of the 12 deities worshipped at Aso Shrine. Kusakabe means "grass wall," and refers to the fact that the shrine's walls were originally covered in grass. The fact that worshippers must descend a stone staircase in order to approach the main structure makes it an extremely unusual shrine.