Geosite introduction of Aso

20.Ikeyama and Yamabuki Geosite

Ikeyama and Yamabuki Geosite

Sources of spring water

The spring water that bubbles up in this region passes underground through Aso's pyroclastic flow deposits. Ikeyama Spring with its delicious water is located directly adjacent to Higotai Park, where 50,000 globe thistles bloom from August to mid September each year.

Ikeyama Spring

With a year-round temperature of 13.5 degrees Celsius and a volume of 30 tons per minute, Ikeyama Spring is listed among the Environment Ministry's top-100 aquatic resources. The spring is the fountainhead of the Tamaraigawa River, which flows into Onogawa River and eventually empties into Beppu Bay.

Related Geo-points

Yamabuki Spring

Located between Kuju and Aso volcanos, Yamabuki Spring gushes 30 tons of water per minute and is on Kumamoto Prefecture's list of the best 100 aquatic resources.