Geosite introduction of Aso

6.Sensuikyo Gorge Geosite

Sensuikyo Gorge Geosite

Rocky peaks and alpine plants

The five main peaks of the caldera's central cone group, called the Aso Gogaku, include Mt. Takadake (1,592m), Mt. Nekodake (1,433m), Mt. Nakadake (1,506m), Mt. Kishimadake (1,321m), and Mt. Eboshidake (1,337m). Especially around the peaks of Mt. Takadake and Mt. Nakadake, the scenery is desolate and rocky – yet within this harsh environment, large azalea thickets flourish. From May to June each year the valleys bloom with 50,000 of the brilliantly colored plants.

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Sensuikyo Gorge

Sensuikyo is a rocky area to the north of the central cone group. Visitors can catch the ropeway to the east side of Nakadake Crater from a station set in this harsh landscape. In May the rocky slopes are covered in the beautiful pink flowers of azaleas, drawing crowds of tourists.