Geosite introduction of Aso

3.Kusasenri Geosite

Kusasenri Geosite

Grazing lands and volcanic activity

This gorgeous must-see geosite includes a rain fed pool and a 785,000-square-meter grassland growing inside an inactive crater in the foothills of Mt. Eboshi. It's a perfect place to stop for a stroll alongside the cows and horses that graze peacefully as Mt. Nakadake sends up smoke in the distance. Horse rides through the grasslands are another popular activity.

The Aso Volcano Museum sits just adjacent to Kusasenri-ga-hama. With a large collection of materials related to the volcano, the museum is an excellent place to deepen your understanding of the region's history. Displays include large dioramas showing the process of Aso Volcano's formation as well as exhibits on volcanos around the world. The museum is also the only place to view real-time footage of Nakadake Crater taken with a recently-installed camera system.

Located slightly above Kusasenri-ga-hama, the Kusasenri-ga-hama Observation Station offers views of Takano'obane Volcano, Tateno Gorge, and other sights in the western area of the caldera. Kinpo Volcano and Unzen Volcano on the Shimabara Peninsula are also visible in the distance.

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Inside the 1-km-diameter crater formed approximately 30,000 years ago is a second crater measuring about 400 meters across. The pond that is visible today on the west side is the floor of the outer crater, while the pond on the east side is the inner crater. The inner crater was formed when a dacitic lava dome was blown off. The remains of that dome are called Komatateyama.

Aso Volcano Museum

Aso Volcano Museum

Aso Volcano Museum introduces the topography, geology, animals and plants of the Aso region, as well as the relationship between the volcano and the human communities surrounding it. The museum offers a number of guided tours and field trips into the park aimed both at school groups and tourists.

Kusasenri-ga-hama observation station

Kusasenri-ga-hama Observation Station

This site overlooks western Aso from an elevation of 1,100 m. The western slopes of the central cone group, Tateno Gorge, Kumamoto City, Kinpo Volcano, and – when the weather is clear – Unzen Volcano are all visible from the observation station. Central Kyushu's volcanos west of Aso can also be seen from this outstanding viewpoint.